Help for the Screening Menu

This section of our Web site provides information to help you arrange for breast screening. Notice that there is a navigation menu called the 'Screening Menu' in the left-hand column. Items prefixed by an arrow expand to reveal sub-items if you click on them. Items prefixed by a bullet-point do not have sub-items.

The 'Information Menu' is also available, for your convenience. It is not described further on this page, but is explained here: Help for Information Menu

Here is a description of the options available on the Screening Menu


This will return you to the main home page of this site.

Screening Locations

This leads to a page that lists the current locations of our breast screening units. Check this page to see if there is screening currently available in your area.

Screening Promotion (has sub-item)

The National Cancer Screening Service has a team of promotion officers who run events and demonstrations to promote screening awareness. This section of this site describes this in full.

Background Information (sub-item of Screening Promotion)

Further background information about our screening promotions.

Screening News

News announcements form the National Cancer Screening Service related to breast screening. You should check this if you are interested in finding news relating to your area.

Job Opportunities

This option is for medical professionals who are interested in working with us. Note that we do not always have opportunities available.