A Guide to Breast Screening: Your Screening

On the day of your BreastCheck appointment you should wear trousers or a skirt and a top (not a dress).

Pick a top which is easy to take off and put on as you will need to do this in the clinic.

 Pick appropriate clothingHave a shower

It is a good idea to have a shower that morning so that you feel nice and fresh.

When you arrive at the clinic, your carer/friend can go in with you.

One of the BreastCheck staff will meet you. She will make sure that they have your correct name, address and age.

You will then be asked to wait in the waiting room with your friend or carer.

At the clinic your carer/friend can go in with youThe waiting room

You might be asked to go straight into the screening room or you might be asked to go into a changing room.

When it is your turn for the x-ray it is likely that you will be asked to go into a changing room. It is like the changing room in a clothes shop.

The changing room

In the changing room you should take off your top, then take off your bra and put your top back on.
Q. Where will you put your bra?
A. Make sure you have a bag with you that you can put your bra into.

Remove your bra

Then go back into the waiting room until you are called for your breast x-ray (mammogram).

You stay in the waiting room until you are called for your breast x-ray (mammogram). Your friend/carer will not be allowed into the x-ray room with you but the BreastCheck staff will be there to help you.

When you are called in for your x-ray you will be asked to sign a form to show that you agree to have the x-ray.
Q. Are you able to sign your name or will you need help?

Back in the waiting roomSign a form

The person who takes the x-ray (the radiographer) will show you the x-ray machine. She will need to take two pictures of each breast.

You will then take off your top again. You may feel a bit shy or embarrassed but dont worry. Remember the radiographer is seeing lots of women for breast x-rays every day. She will help you to feel relaxed.

Radiographer with x-ray machine

Different shapes and sizes
Q. Are all womens bodies the same shape and size?
A. No, womens bodies are different shapes and sizes, small and tall, fat and thin. Womens breasts are also different. Some women have bigger breasts and others much smaller. It doesnt matter what shape or size your breasts are, you can still have the BreastCheck x-ray.

You will be asked to stand beside the x-ray machine and the radiographer will show you a little shelf where you place your breast.

An x-ray plate will be placed on top of your breast to take the picture. This may feel cold or a little uncomfortable but it should not hurt. The radiographer will take two pictures of each breast, you have to try to stay very still so that the pictures will be very clear.

 Radiographer takes picture of the breastThe radiographer takes two pictures

Next you place your other breast on the little shelf and the radiographer will take two pictures of that breast. Remember to stay as still as you can, it only takes a couple of minutes.

Radiographers takes pictures of the other breast

When the four x-rays have been taken you put your top on again. You don't put your bra on just yet in case any more x rays are needed. Then you go back out to the waiting room.

Return to the waiting room

The radiographer has to make sure that the x-ray pictures were taken properly. She will come out and tell you if they are ok.

If the pictures did not turn out clearly she may need you to go in and do one again. If she is happy with the pictures, she will ask you to go back into the changing room where you can put your bra on again. When you are ready you go back to your friend or carer in the waiting room.

Changing room

You are then finished and ready to go home. You will not be told the result of the check up on that day as they have to look very carefully at the x-rays.


Table of Contents

- Introduction

Information for Carers, Family, Friends and Medical Guardians of Care

- Information on BreastCheck
- Information on Attending Screening

The Screening Story

- Your Health
- Your Invitation From BreastCheck
- Your Screening
- Getting Your Result