A Guide to Breast Screening: Information on Attending Screening

Carers, family, friends and medical guardians of care are people trusted by women with learning difficulties to help them make the right decisions about breast screening.

Before informing the woman about screening we recommend that you consider if the women is suitable for screening or not. Below are some criteria to help with making this decision.

To attend for screening the woman will need to:

  • Travel to the clinical screening unit
  • Have enough mobility to get into position for the mammogram
  • Have sufficient bodily control to stay still for the x-ray.

If the Woman is Suitable for Screening

If the woman is suitable for screening, then the pictures and text in The Screening Story are designed to help her understand screening. It is recommended that a health professional or loved one work through the guide with her.

Before her mammogram each woman is normally required to give written consent to take part.

If the woman cannot provide her own written consent we need a letter from the woman's Doctor (this can be her GP or Clinical Director of the residential home) which provides consent on her behalf.

Special needs

It is important to write to BreastCheck and let us know, in advance, if the woman has special needs.
Is she?
- Mobility impaired
- Wheelchair bound
- Deaf
- Blind
Please state any other special needs. This will enable us to have the screening facilities prepared for the woman.


BreastCheck can either screen women from a residential home one at a time, or in small groups up to a maximum of five. Please advise us which is the best.

If the woman is Unsuitable for Screening

If the experience is likely to be too traumatic for the woman, either mentally or physically, it is not recommended that she come for screening. If she is not suitable then best practice is to 'deconsent' her from the programme. This helps to keep our records as accurate as possible and avoid unnecessary further correspondence.

A woman can only be deconsented by the registered Doctor / Medical Guardian in charge of her care, who must write to BreastCheck stating a wish to deconsent her. The woman can be re-included in BreastCheck at any stage by her Doctor writing to us again.

Contact Details

BreastCheck - The National Breast Screening Programme
89-94 Capel Street, Dublin 1.
Freephone: 1800 45 45 55
Email: info@breastcheck.ie


Table of Contents

- Introduction

Information for Carers, Family, Friends and Medical Guardians of Care

- Information on BreastCheck
- Information on Attending Screening

The Screening Story

- Your Health
- Your Invitation From BreastCheck
- Your Screening
- Getting Your Result