A Guide to Breast Screening: Getting Your Results

A couple of weeks after the BreastCheck x-ray you will get a letter to give you the result. Most women are told that they are perfectly healthy.

Letter with your results

If you need more tests you will receive a letter about it. Only one in every 100 women is found to have cancer.

Only one in every 100 women is found to have cancer

Do You Need More Tests?

If cancer is found, BreastCheck will organise treatment straight away.

Cancer in the breast can be treated very successfully.

The earlier the cancer is found the easier it will be to treat.

That is why the BreastCheck test is so important.


Table of Contents

- Introduction

Information for Carers, Family, Friends and Medical Guardians of Care

- Information on BreastCheck
- Information on Attending Screening

The Screening Story

- Your Health
- Your Invitation From BreastCheck
- Your Screening
- Getting Your Result