BreastCheck testimonials

"My sister Marie was to go and for a few reasons she was going to put it off. I said to her – with it being offered to you and so nearby, go.

You won’t believe it, she went to a mobile that was in Waterford and a cancer was picked up. BreastCheck looked after her very well I have to say. A great team. I know it is a small number, yet it is hard when it touches someone close to you. Thank God she went and caught it early. She has done well with her treatment and is just 60 this November." Jane speaking about her sister Marie


"This is the best run service in the country. I was in and out for my mammogram in a jiffy. Calming staff. I tell all my friends. I can’t understand women not going." Ann


“I was very nervous going for my mammogram. There was a time when I thought about not turning up for it. I did have my mammogram done and my results came back clear. I was relieved and I am glad I went through with it. I would say to any woman out there who’s thinking about not turning up for her appointment talk to someone about it.” Betty


“The nurses in BreastCheck are very friendly and they have a great way of making you feel relaxed. When I got my mammogram the nurse chatted away to me and before I knew it she said it was done. I couldn’t believe it. I was so pleased with myself and I would have no problem having it done again.” Ann


“Women need to be responsible for their own health and it is important they get their mammogram test done. Women always look after everyone else but this is a time they must put themselves first.” Deloris


 “Even though having a mammogram can be uncomfortable for some women it’s very important to have it done and it only lasts for a few minutes.” Marian   


“The staff at BreastCheck were very nice and friendly. They gave me loads of time to get myself comfortable and relaxed before they did the mammogram.” Betty