Self search & register online

BreastCheck encourages women to check that their details are included and correct on the screening register.

BreastCheck screens women aged 50 to 69 on an area by area basis. COVID-19 has impacted into all areas of our life including breast screening. We have lost nearly a year of screening time. This means appointments in this screening round (where we invite you for screening once every 2 years) are delayed by up to a year. You can read more about breast screening and COVID-19 here.

BreastCheck has a register (list) of women eligible for screening from information supplied by the Department of Social Protection, General Medical Services and private health insurance providers. BreastCheck is allowed to source this information under The Health (Provision of Information Act) 1997.

However, some women may not be on any of these lists. You can check if you are on the BreastCheck register by entering some details here. For your protection, only your name, address and age are stored in our online database, you cannot check any other details here. Please note that this online database is updated at the beginning of each month, so any information that you have sent us in the last month may not yet appear here.

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