Information about the benefits and limits of breast screening

BreastCheck has a clear commitment to provide easy-to-understand, transparent information about the breast screening process to women who are invited for screening. Both positive benefits and negative aspects/limitations of screening are explained in our leaflets and BreastCheck information materials are regularly reviewed, researched and updated.

In addition to general information about the breast screening process, the leaflets advise that women of any age can get breast cancer – yet that the risk increases with age, that not all breast cancers can be found by a mammogram, that some women may find the mammogram painful and that some non-invasive cancers - DCIS - will be found by screening. Women who wish to find out more may be interested in the following factsheet:

Benefits and limits of breast screening

Women invited for screening are issued with information leaflets directly by post, in advance of her appointment. Where a woman requires additional information this is provided by a dedicated information helpline staffed by experienced, trained people. All questions are welcomed - we are acutely aware of the anxiety and stress that can be experienced by women attending for a mammogram, regardless of the results, which for the vast majority of women are clear.

All aspects of the service, from the information materials, screening units, training of staff are designed with the care and minimum disruption to the women in mind.


For further information:
Sheila Caulfield/Aoife O’Sullivan, Communications, National Cancer Screening Service, Tel: 01-8659300