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This section of our Web site provides information about breast cancer, breast screening and BreastCheck. Notice that there is a navigation menu called the 'Information Menu' in the left-hand column. Items prefixed by an arrow expand to reveal sub-items if you click on them. Items prefixed by a bullet-point do not have sub-items.

The 'Screening Menu' is also available, for your convenience. It is not described further on this page, but is explained here: Help for Screening Menu

Here is a description of the options available on the information menu


This will return you to the main home page of this site.


A welcome message and very general information about BreastCheck.

Accessibility (has sub-items)

Provides tips to help you use this site and explains our commitment to the accessibility of our services to all women, and the facilities that we can provide to those who need them.

Help for Information Menu (sub-item of Accessibility)

This option will take you back to this page.

Help for Screening Menu (sub-tem of Accessibility)

This page explains the choices on this site's Screening Menu and provides an alternative means of navigation.

Breast Screening (has sub-items)

This option takes you to a page with general information related to breast screening and the procedures it involves.

Breast Cancer (sub-item of Breast Screening)

This links to a page with information about breast cancer and the symptoms that you should watch for.

Screening Process (sub-item of Breast Screening)

This explains the screening process in detail, from the initial request to issue a screening Invitation all the way through to the results and what procedures may follow.

FAQ (sub-item of breast screening)

This links to a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about breast screening and their answers. You may find the answers that you are looking for here!

Mobile Site Selection (sub-item of Breast Screening)

We explain how we select the sites for our mobile screening units. The majority of women are actually screened by our mobile units, so we apply quite a lot of science to the selection of their sites.

Women's Charter (sub-item of Breast Screening)

This details the BreastCheck women's charter, which is our commitment to you, and providing you with the best possible level of service.

Self Search & Register Online

You can use this facility to check that you are present in our database, and to update your address information. You may also register here if you do not appear to be in our database. Most women will be referred to our database automatically as they use general medical services, but it is wise to check!

About Us (has sub-items)

The BreastCheck Mission Statement, objectives and aims.

History (sub-item of About Us)

This explains how BreastCheck was established and then extended its reach throughout the country.

Publications (has a sub-item)

You can download copies of general BreastCheck publications and factsheets from here.

Annual Reports (sub-item of Publications)

BreastCheck issues an annual report. You can download our annual reports from this page.

Contact Us

This tells you how to get in contact with BreastCheck and the National Cancer Screening Service by telephone, email and post.

Screening Information

BreastCheck works with community groups and other organisations to ensure that as many women as possible accept an invitation for breast screening. This is outlined here.


This page contains general BreastCheck news that is not related to screening locations.


Women discuss their experience of our screening service.