About us

BreastCheck mission statement

The objective of the programme is to:

Provide an effective screening service to the highest possible quality, so that the maximum number of breast cancers can be detected at the earliest possible stage.

The programme aims to:

Protect the dignity and privacy of women, provide women with a choice and involvement in their own care; deliver a high quality programme dedicated to excellence and meeting the highest international clinical standards; be women centred, accessible and free of charge.

BreastCheck works with a team approach to the screening of women including mammography, diagnosis and treatment. It works in partnership with other healthcare providers. BreastCheck values the contribution and skill of its staff; it provides continuous training and development for staff and upgrading of equipment required in a screening programme.

BreastCheck currently provides screening to women through a network of static and mobile units. Screening is offered to eligible women by personal invitation on a two year cycle.

Download the BreastCheck Mission Statement (PDF 534KB)